Zarif: Iran ready to connect Gwadar port with Chabahar
The proposal was put forward by Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who met Pakistan’s civil-military leadership in Islamabad on Friday.
Chabahar Port to Make Iran’s Friends Closer
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a visit to the far-Southeastern port city of Chabahar near the border with Pakistan, reassured that
Development of Chabahar port, foreign ministry’s top priorities، transit
Chabahar is one of the country's most important transit routes to develop an international transportation network.
Negotiations to Launch Chabahar-Karachi Passenger Sea Line
Negotiations for the launch of the Chabahar-Karachi marine passenger line are under way with plans to deploy Iranian ferry boats on the Chabahar-Musca
Iran, India joint venture in Development of Chabahar Port
The development of Shahid Beheshti Port carries on with the cooperation of Indian investors
Kazakhstan's willingness to invest in construction of warehouses and silos in Chabahar port
The Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Sistan and Baluchestan met with Kazakh Ambassador to introduce the capabilities and investment o
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Denmark Now Operates World’s 5th Largest Merchant Fleet
Denmark has again improved its place on the list of the world’s largest ship operating nations, surpassing the United States to claim the fifth place.
Swiss-Norwegian Duo Eases Hybrid System Installations
Integrated energy systems designer Blueday Technology has teamed up with Swiss sustainable energy infrastructure fund manager SUSI Partners to offer i
UNCTAD: China Ranked as Best Connected to Other Countries by Sea
China has retained its lead as the country best connected to others by sea, according to the liner shipping connectivity index (LSCI) from United Nati