A Part of Chabahar Port' Beach Cleaned up
In direction with cultural building and enviromental protection, a part of Chabahar port's beach was cleaned up with cooperation of Chabahar city's ad
IOMOU Officials Welcomed Plan for Documetation of Vessel's Control and Inspection at Chabahar Port
The implentation of the plan for documentation of the ship's controling and inspection in the port of Chabahar was appreciated at the country's annual
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Denmark Now Operates World’s 5th Largest Merchant Fleet
Denmark has again improved its place on the list of the world’s largest ship operating nations, surpassing the United States to claim the fifth place.
Swiss-Norwegian Duo Eases Hybrid System Installations
Integrated energy systems designer Blueday Technology has teamed up with Swiss sustainable energy infrastructure fund manager SUSI Partners to offer i
UNCTAD: China Ranked as Best Connected to Other Countries by Sea
China has retained its lead as the country best connected to others by sea, according to the liner shipping connectivity index (LSCI) from United Nati