The forgotten corner of Iran, and also the most remote destination of the country. Chabahar is a humid city considered the warmest place in Iran during the winter and the coolest port in southern Iran during the summer. Because of the Mild spring climate Chabahar has Is the city also known as ‘Chahar Bahar’, what means ‘four springs’.

Chabahar in Sistan-Baluchestan Province is a strategic city near the waters of the Sea of Oman and the Indian Ocean and the closest way for the land-locked countries of Central Asia to reach international waters. Chabahar borders Iranshahr and Nik Shahr in the north, the sea of Oman in the south, Pakistan in the east and Kerman and Hormozgan Provinces in the west.

Some of the historical attractions of Chabahar include the Baluch Gat Fortress, Portages Fortress and the Parthian Piruz or Pirouz Gat Fortress.

One of the main attractions of Chabahar is Gwadar Bay where the Hara Forests are located and where the extremely rare mugger crocodile also known as Gando lives.

Considered the country’s biggest port and a designated Free Trade-Industrial Zone, the ‘U’ shaped Port Chabahar attracts many birdwatchers and scuba diving enthusiasts. 

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