Chabahar; The most convenient route for Tajikistan's access to foreign markets

Chabahar; The most convenient route for Tajikistan's access to foreign markets
Due to the blockage of Tajikistan's transit through Turkmenistan, as well difficulty and unavailability of other routes, such as Afghanistan, Dushanbe’s need for transit through Chabahar port has increased more than ever.

PMO News Portal - The port of Chabahar, located in southeastern Iran, will become an important point for the transfer of Tajikistan's freight to foreign markets in the near future. For several years, Tajikestan has shown interest in using this port.  This issue has been discussed in the recent Iranian President's visit to Tajikistan.

According to experts, the Chabahar port could be an inexpensive gateway to transfer Tajikistan's cargo. But the problem is the crossing of carriers that have to cross Turkmenistan to reach Iran.

Since August last year, Ashgabat has blocked Tajikistan's trucks, road cars and cargo trains with its unilateral decisions. Subsequently, some shipping companies changed their route and took their cargo to Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan by the Caspian Sea to Iran.

According to the head of the Global Shipping Company of Tajikistan, when Turkmenistan closed its routes, the volume of transportation has been reduced and their value has doubled due to the length of the road.

A Tajik transport expert says that utilizing Chabahar port will be in the framework of Tajik-Iranian cooperation agreements.

Chabahar port will be of great help to Tajikistan's economic and foreign trade, Ali Mamouri, an Iranian Middle East expert, said." Chabahar port connects the Oman Sea to the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, to southern Europe and Africa and the western regions," the analyst told Tajik local media. This route can provide good opportunities for Tajikistan and its other neighbors. Likewise, Iran will benefit economically. If Tajikistan uses this port as an alternative route, it will increase the performance and decrease its transit time to the foreign markets, but the timing of such implementation is unclear.

According to experts, Chabahar port will be a great pole of the country’s economy in the near future. Connecting directly to the free waters and staying outside of the Persian Gulf reduces the vulnerability of the area in times of crisis. On the other hand, the strategic location of the port has created a communication link between the countries of Central Asia and other countries of the world.

Jun 24, 2019 13:48
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