6700 billion Rials Investment in Amirabad Port

6700 billion Rials Investment in Amirabad Port
“A new transit corridor will be formed on the axis of Amirabad - Dogharoon - Chabahar.”, Said Amirabad ports and maritime Manager.

PMO News Portal - On a press conference, referring to the formation of the new corridor of Amir Abad - Dogharoon-Chabahar, Siavash Rezvani stated that to increase the transit influence of Iran in the region, the new corridor will be formed with the transit axis of Amirabad-Dogharoon-Chabahar, and now the agreement between the countries of Iran And Afghanistan has been signed with the presence of Indian traders and will be operational in the near future.

He added that India and Afghanistan are interested in trading with the northern countries of the Caspian Sea and transit of cargo through Amir Abad port. Port of Amirabad is an opportunity to meet the economic needs of the country through sea transport. For this purpose we are trying to strengthen export and import activities.

"In Amirabad port, 239 companies were exploited with 6900 billion Rials investment, 13 of which are being under construction with 6700 billion Rials worth of investment," Rezvani said regarding Amirabad port investment.

Last year, three million and 800 thousand tons of goods were unloaded and loaded at Amir Abad Port with a nominal capacity of 7,500,000 tons.

He continued: Ro-Ro wharf is of great importance for Iran and the Caspian littoral. In Amirabad port, it is connected to the national rail network and has a truck ramp. There has been 70 percent of progress for this project and 800 billion Rials have been invested so far.

Jul 17, 2019 09:57
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