Weekly Direct transit of cargo between Indian Ports and Chabahar port

Weekly Direct transit of cargo between Indian Ports and Chabahar port
With the establishment of shipping lines, it became possible to transit goods directly between the ports of India and Chabahar on a weekly basis, said the Director General of Ports and maritime of Sistan and Baluchestan .

PMO News Portal - Regarding the development of cooperation with India, Behrouz Aghaei stated that with the establishment shipping lines between the ports of India and Chabahar, direct transit of goods became possible between these ports on a two-week basis since February last year.

He continued: According to the schedule, the Liner Shipping Schedule has been set up on a weekly basis since August 26, with two ships calling Chabahar port directly from Indian ports and the third ship will enter Shahid Beheshti Port of Chabahar on August 14.

By launching this line, the fixed price of each container of goods departing form Indian ports and calling Chabahar port  has the advantage of being competitive compared to other ports in the country.

Aghaei also mentioned 60 to 90 percent of discounts for the ship owners and shipping line at Chabahar port and emphasized that India is considering a 40% reduction in freight costs between Navavashiva and Kandela ports and the Chabahar port in order to increase the volume of traffic and encourage ship owners and shipping lines.

Aug 10, 2019 11:00
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