Completion of infrastructure projects in Chabahar Port

Completion of infrastructure projects in Chabahar Port
“Creating advantage and added value for the owners and customers of Chabahar port should be a priority”, Said the managing director of ports and maritime organization.
PMO News Portal - At the meeting to discuss obstacles, challenges and the present development strategies of Chabahar Port, Mohammad Rastad stated that creating economic attraction in Chabahar Port requires communication and increased engagement with other sectors.

Emphasizing that the infrastructure projects should be completed in Chabahar port in the shortest possible time, deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development added: “In addition to the rapid implementation of infrastructure projects, investment projects should also be a priority.”

Referring to the necessity of implementing special projects in Chabahar Port, Rastad said that according to the Comprehensive Development Plan of the Port, by the next year, the operation of the oil dock in Chabahar Port will be started.

Regarding the overhaul of Chabahar Port Warehouses, Managing Director of Ports and Maritime Organization stated: Warehouses in Chabahar Port lack the necessary standards and should be converted into standard warehouses.

Oct 26, 2019 13:47
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