Bangladesh Shows Interest in Maritime Trade with Chabahar Port

Bangladesh Shows Interest in Maritime Trade with Chabahar Port
Bangladesh Ambassador to Iran: Bangladesh is interested to establish maritime trade by launching a direct and continuous shipping line to Chabahar port.

PMO News Portal - In a joint meeting with Sistan-Baluchistan Ports and maritime Director General and visiting Chabahar Port, Bangladesh Ambassador to Iran stated that Bangladesh is exploring new markets for investment and trading prosperity with other countries in the region. The development measures taken at this port are a great opportunity for businessmen and investors.

The ambassador of Bangladesh to Iran stated that Chabahar port, due to its geographical location has established good connection between Iran and Afghanistan and other countries of the region. The achievements of this trip will be made available to businessmen and investors in Bangladesh to promote economic relations with Iran and other countries in the region through Chabahar port.

He continued: Bilateral communication between businessmen and investors in Iran and Bangladesh could be effective in boosting regional trade, as Chabahar will play a major role in this. Like India, Bangladesh is seeking to cooperate in port operations at chabahar , and to communicate with other countries, including Afghanistan.

Feb 10, 2020 09:21
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