Thursday Jul 19, 2018

  • "Arezoo" Ship Carrying Indian Wheat Arrived at Chabahar Port

  • 126 People Rescued by Chabahar Port's 'MRCC' Center/ %50 Increase in the Medical Services to Seafarers

  • A Part of Chabahar Port' Beach Cleaned up

  • 2nd Batch of S.Korean Steel Unloaded at Chabahar Port

  • Chabahar Port's MRCC Saved Fishermen's Life

  • IOMOU Officials Welcomed Plan for Documetation of Vessel's Control and Inspection at Chabahar Port

  • Major Cargo of illicit "Shark Fins" Discovered at Chabahar Port

  • New Deputy for Port and Economic Affairs Appointed

  • Brazilian Ship Carrying Sugar arrived at Shahid Beheshti Port

  • 56% growth in non_perochemical loading and unloading in Chabahar port