Investment opportunities


Private Funded Existing Operational

Projects in Chabahar Port


Bot Contract for Phase 1 Development Plan

Petro-Chemical Farm Construction

Oil Product Storage Tanks For Transit

Reverse-Osmosis Water Purification Plant



Investment Opportunities in Chabahar Port


Ø  Dry cargo warehouses ( priority 1 )

Ø  Oil products silos ( priority 2 )

Ø  Edible oil silos ( priority 3 )

Ø  Open yards ( priority 4 )

Ø  Maritime Passenger services, terminal and jetty ( priority 5 )

Ø  Recreational and Services centers

Ø  Steel products yard

Ø  Container yard

Ø  Shipyard and ship scrapping yard

Ø  Ship´s services center ( catering, repair and bunkering )

Ø  Petrochemical small and medium size businesses

Ø  Grain silos

Ø  Oil and petrochemical products piping

Ø  Mineral cargo terminal

Ø  Food industries-fishery oriented

Ø  Agricultural product´s industries

Ø  Energy and electricity power plants

Ø  Steel industries

Ø  Mineral processing

Ø  Oil procucts transit and swap terminal

Ø  Refrigerated products complexes to import and export perishable products

Ø  Bunkering service

Ø  Distribution centers for exporting repair-shop complex

Ø  Ship´s reception facilities

Ø  Flour production factory

Ø  Packing industries

Ø  Livestock and poultry feed industry




£ Shahid Beheshti port specifications


Ø  Total area: Current Situation ( 254 hectares ) Phase 1 development plan ( 202 hectares )

Ø  Open storage area: 16 hectares

Ø  Warehouses: 30000 square meters


£ Shahid Kalantari port specifications


Ø  Total area: 30 hectares

Ø  Open storage area: 35000 square meters

Ø  Warehouses: 3000 square meters

Ø  Container yard area: 40000 square meters

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