2nd Batch of S.Korean Steel Unloaded at Chabahar Port

2nd Batch of S.Korean Steel Unloaded at Chabahar Port

Bulk carrier "Ocean Master" carrying second consignment of steel directly arrived at Chabahar port from South Korea and unloaded in less than a day.

According to public relations, the deputy for port and economic affairs of the Sistan and Balochistan province Department of ports and maritime said that the second batch of steel weighing 5500 tons carried by "Ocean Master" directly arrived from S.Korea and was unloaded at Chabahar port.

It should be noted that discharging process of the ship was carried out within 17 hours. These supplies will be used as raw material for provincial and regional factories,which, with marketing and informing owners of goods, the destination of this type of consignments has changed from other ports to Chabahar port. Direct transport of goods and raw materials to the port will, in addition to job creation, reduce shipping coast as well as the coast of finished products.

"The third batch of the steel consignment will arrive at the Chabahar port in the next few days. Earlier this year the "Harmony Harbor" carried the first batch of steel from S.Korea to Chabahar port" he added.

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Jan 25, 2018 07:42
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