"Arezoo" Ship Carrying Indian Wheat Arrived at Chabahar Port

"Arezoo" Ship Carrying Indian Wheat Arrived at Chabahar Port

Hossein Shahdadi, the deputy for ports and economic affairs of the Sistan and Baluchistan province Administration of ports and maritime announced the arrival of the "Arezoo" ship carrying consignment of wheat to Afghanistan from the Indian port of Kandla in the Iranian new calender year(1397).

The ship, which carries arround 600 containers of 20 feet, arrived at the Chabahar port and discharge operation of the ship started immidiately after docking and carrying out the pass operation, and was completed within 22 hours.

"The cargo weighing around 15000 tons, and the intresting point about the discharging of the ship is evacuting 27.5 containers per hour, which according to the available equipment is acceptable" Shahdadi added.

It is worthy to note that, until now, 4200 containers of India's donated wheat have been transported to Afghanistan through Chabahar port.

The deputy further added that according to the prior annoucment of the Afghan goverment officials the plan to export the Afghanistan agricultural products to India through Chabahar port will begin from the first half of the current year, which will be a major contributor to cut the cost of the transportation.

Apr 3, 2018 07:42
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